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The ING Group (Dutch: ING Groep) is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam. The three letters (ING) stand for "Internationale Nederlanden Groep". Its primary businesses are retail banking, direct banking, commercial banking, investment banking, wholesale banking, private banking, asset management, and insurance services. With total assets of US$1.1 trillion, it is one of the biggest banks in the world, and consistently ranks among the top 30 largest banks globally. It is among the top ten in the list of largest European companies by revenue.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"To make enough money, you need to work 7 days per week, 12-14 hours per day"

Klantendienstmedewerker (Former Employee) says

"Veel technische problemen met hun systeem en de tijd die je niet kan werken word van u loon gehouden obdanks je dit allemaal kan aantonen want je moet telkens een mail sturen met alle info in"

Nómina, Negocios, Comercial, inversión (Former Employee) says

"Ing no tiene apenas personal propio, por lo que subcontrata a terceras empresas q a su vez subcontratan a empresas de trabajo personal. El objetivo es vender hasta tres productos en una llamada en el que el cliente tiene un problema de bloqueo de cuentas, documentación perdida... realmente pasé mucha ansiedad al saber que la documentación la veía yo pero la central (subcontratada) no podía con la carga de trabajo. El resto... compañeros q se dejan la piel, atendiendo con amabilidad y llevando a casa una ansiedad terrible. Cons: Tienes que medir tus palabras para que no te penalicen, sueldo no acorde con el nivel de vida. Área de trabajo de un metro cuadrado."

Chargée de clientèle (Former Employee) says

"Aucune humanité pour ce poste, on est des pions. Aucunes reconnaissance"

Project Manager/Consultant (Former Employee) says

"70% of work is playing politics, 30% of work is actual learning and implementation. Some of the people that were put in charge, were learning their work at the cost of their employees frustration and time being wasted."

Agent polyvalent (Former Employee) says

"Il fallait toujours travailler plus, aucune reconnaissance pour les employés, l'ambiance au travail était mauvaise."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"When i first started the culture in ING was good until different ppl managing and it became a different company when it became public. It doesnt have to be that way."

Senior Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The management will not support your growth. They will aways try to make you feel that you are less as a person. No opportunities at all. Very competitive people. Culture is not good. Gossips everywhere and team leads do not help with BAU. All they do is chat chat chat..."

Loan Associate (Current Employee) says

"Worst place ever to work and you are not appropriated. Too much work and no work life balance even though they there is. The supervisor is rude and disrespectful, and takes no accountability for anything. The manager does nothing about the abusive treatment of the supervisor. Cons: You are stressed and unappreciated"

Licensing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I was a temp with this company right as the repossession was staring. Everything was uncertain and scary. They hired 4 of us an only kept one. there were also dept lay off happening while we were being hired."

Investment Advisor Representative (Former Employee) says

"Awful place to work. They basically train you to sell yourself to friends and family. They prey on recent college grads. The training program is ridiculous."

Administratief medewerkster Zakelijke Relaties (Former Employee) says

"door alle administratieve afdelingen heen gelopen en hiermee de ervaring opgedaan voor het leven."

agente (Former Employee) says

"Formazione approssimativa, team manager incapace, nessun sviluppo né strategia commerciale, assolutamente nulla, gestione dei clienti difficoltosa causa problemi tecnici in apertura conto,lungaggini per richiesta prestiti e mutui. Nessun supporto. Solo parole inutili e non veritiere. Cons: tutto"

servicing associate (Former Employee) says

"it is an extremely negative place. Management is not helpful nor is there any room for growth. People are not friendly and it's really just a place to build your resume for better future opportunities Cons: everything"

Backoffice medewerkster (Former Employee) says

"Saaie werk, geen respect van de leidinggevende, slechte sfeer in de afdeling."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Miss management of employee time as well as company resources turn the job into a very hostile place to work and led to my departure"

Programmer analyst (Former Employee) says

"Pas du tout d'humanité et au niveau relationnel je suis très déçus de ma dernière expérience professionnelle. Au niveau organisationnel il y a beaucoup de profils fonctionnels non nécessaires dans le service ou j'étais. L'entreprise n'hésite pas à prendre les travailleurs pour des numéros en les remplaçant par des indiens ou des externes si ils ne produisent pas comme des machines."

Facilities/Mail Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"not sure if the company is still around was fun while it lasted fun coworkers always kept busy enjoy time being there made lifelong friends"

Accounts Payable (Former Employee) says

"ING/VAYO is a well-known Financial company, and growing each day. The work environment is nice. Friendly employees, I recommend anyone who is looking for a new opportunity coming out of college ING Financial will be a good place to start. Cons: n/a"

Claims Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"This company went from bad to worse once it switched from ING to Cognizant. It is not a reliable place to work you never know what account you are going to be placed on or if you are going to get laid off. You could be working on one account one day and the next you are placed "on the bench" until another account opens up or/and then the next day you are let go. very unstable working environment and stressful. upper management is not very respectful to their employees. Cons: micromanagement, benefits, uncomfortable work environment, long days no work/life balance"

Sales rep (Former Employee) says

"I do not wish to comment anything. Cons: without personal capital isn't worth investing"